Friday, December 03, 2010

Duck Tape Adventures

I know everyone else has been riding the duck tape train for years, but I have only recently taken a ride and I must say that I love the rails! Cheap tickets, meandering routes, and scenic views. Happy happy joy joy!!

First I started with some woven Christmas stockings:


These were real easy and didn't take too terribly long to make, though some time was involved. I actually saw one pictured in the 2010 Joann Fabrics Christmas catalog, and they said instructions were available online, but there were no instructions available so I just made it up as I went (after a nasty note to corporate for their false advertising! they said they would get around to fixing the issue but whatever, I wasn't about to be thwarted by duck tape). I just made non-sticky tape "ribbons" by folding lengths of tape, stick side to sticky side, then weaving those ribbons to create the stocking front. It helps to use strips of blue painters' tape to keep the top and bottom tape strips in place while weaving. For the back, I made a red tape fabric and cut both front and back out in a stocking pattern. Again I used painters' tape, making a large X through the front weaving, to hold it all together while I cut (this was easy to carefully remove from the inside of the stocking when I was all done). I attached front and back using red tape as a seam binding of sorts, then made a white tape fabric cuff and just taped that to the top inside of the stocking. Decorations of holly leaves and berries (highlighted with a silver metallic sharpie!) completed my beauty. These were very well received at both work and within the family - my dear aunt even tried to claim a couple for her own! I didn't let her get away with it, as I used those first two for MJF Christmas swaps, but I did let her abscond with my very first duck tape Christmas ornament. I got the idea for this from the roses folk make from duck tape - they sort of start with a square that's folded into a triangle and a small sticky side is left to adhere the petal to the rose. I just overlapped those triangles, sticking them to a styrofoam ball instead of to each other. The result is smoother than the roses, and I think the result resembles a pinecone. My first was a rather elegant inspired silver and white. Take a look-see:


Isn't that pretty? My aunt has rather old-world elegant decor tastes, so it suites her just fine. And she feeds me real good food a lot, so she can get away with a lot of crafty absconding LOL!

I have made quite a few of these since then, trying out different color themes and such. Been using a lot of coupons at the craft store on duck tape! Here's my second, though. I love how it looks, very Christmas-y. Though the unevenly striped candy cane tape is not duck tape per se, it IS made by Duck brand, and it is rather cute, so I used it anyway. Worked fine, too. It's a sort of seasonal packaging tape:


I have moved on for the time being, from stockings and ornaments to table decor and purses, but that will have to wait till later. Their are Christmas recipients out there who I want to surprise!!

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