Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am coming to terms with the fact that the year is quickly drawing to an end, and I have finished very little knitting. I have started a handful of projects, swatched a lot, but haven't actually finished much of anything all year. I believe I have joined the denizens of fiber fanatics, those who covet the touch, look and smell of good yarn just as much as the process of actually knitting with it. For you see, my stash has grown exorbitantly this past year, despite the lack of actual knitting. This used to bother me, but I think I have made peace with my inner fiber addict. I will let her roam as much as my bank account will permit, and in exchange, maybe she will let me spend a bit more time knitting in 2007. This is, I believe, a fair exchange, and I am hopeful about our future together.

My disgust at my lack of finished projects has prevented me for posting in a long time.....I was waiting for an actual FO. Then, when I finally managed to cast off on a baby blanket I made for my boyfriend's grandson, I forgot to take pictures! GRRRR!! We are joining said grandson and his family for a Thanksgiving breakfast, so I am hoping to snag a few pics of him and his new blankie at that time. It really is a wonderful blankie fabric, knitted in a ripple pattern with Sidar's Snowflake Chunky Magic, in a pale blue and white self-striping polyester chenille-like yarn that is the cushiest yarn I have ever felt that happens to be 100% machine washable. The PERFECT baby blanket yarn, especially for the mom who will not handwash anything. Say tuned for more regular updates....